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Covid 19

Blooming Landscapes is open for business. All meetings are to be carried out in the garden and all government advice is to be followed eg social distancing etc. If any one in your house hold has a cough or syptoms of Covid 19 please may I ask you to delay making an appointment to see me until said person is well again ,this is to protect us all.
Kind Regards J Mc.

Soft Landscaping Services

Grass Lawns

New lawns require good ground preparation in order to root fast and drain correctly. I remove old lawns dig over the soil then rotovate sand and pea shingle into soil profile to improve drainage then firm soil down and import fine top soil and rake that over the top to boost nutrients then lay turf (Lawn) on top of that , this make for a good lawn.

Planting Schemes

I will only do these for clients using my hard landscaping services.

This service is provided at an extra cost ,and will detail plant names and there location only, a list of plants will be provided and recommended pot size, if an installation service is required please ask but please note, no guarantee is provided by Blooming Landscapes for loss of plants for any reason.

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